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Over past decades the means of education building delivery has been the subject of regular and dramatic change. Throughout that time AD Education Architects has been committed to producing good school buildings and has developed the requisite skills and procedures through close and effective team work. The basic driver for design comes from the Government’s education philosophies, combined with those of the Local Authority or Academy Group and with the aspirations of the local community.  We have shown that by utilising a sound skill base, via excellent teamwork with consultants and client, that exceptional solutions can be produced.


Our one-off houses respond entirely to the character of the site and the clients particular wishes. Our portfolio shows how we choose not to have house style, but instead start each new project afresh. Our portfolio shows a great variety of designs, varying from the vaulted house in Suffolk using a patented system of reclaimed washing machine drums, to a wholly contextual design to replace a ruin on a corner of Clerkenwell Green.


The design for Ingham Infirmary in South Shields uses a mannerist style to blend with the Victorian classical style of the original central hospital building. The finished development received an RTPI Award for the best new urban environment.


We have recently completed a draft housing design, which enables an existing primary school to link with the housing development via a new village green to be used by the school and the community. Starter homes are located close to the school and its new nursery to enable young families and older retired residents to assist with the operation of the nursery, creating a true multi-generational environment.