No7 Newton Park

This is a 1964 courtyard dwelling, built in lush woodland and listed grade 2.  The client built the house originally and now required its complete updating without changing the original aesthetic.  In response, the whole house was double glazed, using and replicating the original mullions, the conservatory was rebuilt, replicating the original frameless glass doors, and the original Wrighton kitchen was taken apart and the doors and drawer fronts re-sprayed by a local car bodyshop. The original Saarinen Tulip chairs and dining table were repaired using grp, epoxy and s.s reinforcement. The warm air heating system and electrical installations were  retained, and a sympathetic electrician was able to source new components and light emitters which kept the original appearance.   We are proud that at first glance it seems that the house is just as it was in 1964.